What is Passmark?

Passmark is a group of independent data journalists and storytellers. Passmark believes that high-quality data is critical in making informed decisions about education in South Africa. Passmark also believes that better quality data about education is an important part of ensuring high-value news coverage of this sector.

Passmark is working to build a reliable, high-quality education dataset as a resource for parents, journalists, activists and anyone interested in the education sector.

Data is sourced from the various education departments, NGOs and other authorities working in this sector. This data is cleaned to ensure its reliability and accessibility and then merged with other datasets to produce more detailed insights into the state of education in the country and the forces affecting it.

We will make these rich datasets available in various forms and, we hope, they will prove to be useful to other people who have an interest in the education sector.

Who we are

Passmark is Laura Grant & Alastair Otter.

Passmark is an initiative of the Media Hack Collective.

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